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                                Testimonials from our Beloved Patients

Patient with Staff






"I’d never had a doctor spend that kind of time with me ever.  I was so scared I had so many questions…he took all the time I needed.  Dr. Gamboa gave me hope. He reassured me.  The staff is so amazing. I didn’t want to go anywhere else once I’d met them."

- Pam Sumpter, Breast Cancer Survivor

“I had to go there everyday for my treatments.  And they made you feel so comfortable that it almost made it a joy to go there daily to be honest with you.”

- Al Erquiaga, Prostate Cancer Survivor

“I had the distinct feeling that these people are really concerned about your individual problem and do everything possible to get the best results…They are fighting the good fight with you.  You could fly anywhere in the U.S and not get better care than here.”

- Clyde Everton, Melanoma Survivor

“They were very responsive…I could feel that they wanted to have a positive outcome on my life.  I feel that they not only saved my breast, but saved my life because of their concern.” 
- Julie Walhof, Breast Cancer Survivor      

"Eveybody was just so supportive. You can’t believe how supportive they were. You walk in, and immediately any fears go away.   If you don’t believe in miracles let me talk to you,  I will assure you they do happen!"

- Richard Newell, Pancreatic Cancer Survivor


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